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Why Wear A Rashguard??

What is a Rashguard “Compression Shirt”??

A Rashguard “Compression Shirt” is an article of clothing that most Jiu Jitsuests wear underneath their Gi “Kimono” or just for No-gi. The IBJJF “International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation” requires that No-Gi competitors wear a rashguard “Compression Shirt” that depicts their belt level if they choose to compete in the IBJJF tournaments.

Rashguards “Compression Shirt” are designed to hold tightly to your body while also offering a stretch to the fabric without ripping apart while competing or just training at the gym. This allow’s you to move freely on the mats with a full range of motion and less friction against the mats. Not like wearing a T-Shirt that is going to hang loose and get caught up underneath someone’s knee while your trying to escape.

Benefits of Wearing A Rashguard…

  • Dry and Cool

When you are out on the mat working your techniques, your body starts the heat up, and you start to sweat. Rashguards “Compression Shirt” are designed to wick any this moisture and push that sweat away. We all know that some of that sweat is not our own and personally I don’t wont to hold on to it either. Rashguards “Compression Shirt” are typically made of six different panels design with moisture wicking qualities which helps you stay cool and as dry as possible.


  • Coldgear & Heatgear

Some Rashguards “Compression Shirt” “compression shirt” may have different qualities to them, like cold gear or heat gear. These types Rashguards “compression shirt” usually are choosing for a few various reasons. Heat gear helps you cut out some water weight while you train “this will probably drain your energy faster than normal,” or heating up your muscles for comfort. Maybe it’s just too cold in the gym for your liking, and you don’t want to say anything.

Cool gear, on the other hand, fights against your raising body temperature to keep you cool while you are rolling, which helps stretch out your energy. I prefer the Cool side myself; smaller people need all the edge they can get when rolling with people twice their size. For me keeping my body temperature down helps keep me calm and focused on the task at hand, instead of being fatigued and overheated which can make you slow and disoriented.

  • Comfort

Many BJJ athletes find rashguards “Compression Shirt” to be quite comfortable while rolling. Everyone has there own thoughts on why a rashguard “Compression Shirt” is comfortable, we are going to hit the high points to save a little time.

  • Covering the Chest/Breast Area.

– Men might have a hairy chest that they don’t want to show off and smash across your face, I know some don’t mind.

– Women might want something extra besides just a sports bra to cover up with, Once again some don’t mind.

– Maybe you have some tattoos you don’t want being exposed while rolling.

– Or maybe just uncomfortable showing off a few extra pounds.

  • Comfort & Less Chafing

Rashguards “Compression Shirt” are made of “but not limited to” Nylon and Lycra or Spandex. These fabrics combine with the moisture wicking design allow the rashguard “Compression Shirt” to hold firmly to your body while helping to keep you cool and dry. The real comfort benefit comes from the stitching that the rashguard “Compression Shirt” has. Usually, this is a Flatlock Stitching pattern. The Flatlock Stitching pins the seam down to the rashguard “Compression Shirt” instead of hanging loose like a T-Shirt seam that may cause chafing from being rubbed against your skin. That Flatlock Stitching that helps to minimize your discomfort and chafing also increases the strength of the rashguards seams. For more on chafing click here.

  • Fewer Cuts & Scrapes

Rashguards “Compression Shirt” are also our last line of defense against cuts and scraps whether it is from someone’s fingernails, toenails or the edge of a mat. A Rashguard “Compression Shirt” is constructed of six different panels “as we mentioned earlier”  unlike regular T-Shirts that only use four panels. The general construction of a rashguard “Compression Shirt” is thicker and more durable than a T-shirts which makes it a great tool to help protect from those cuts and scrapes and germ that can lead to ringworm and other issues. For more on Cuts and Scrapes Click Here.


  • Less Mat Burn

  Mat burn is not the best feeling in the world, especially if you are just starting your BJJ journey. It can feel like sunburn on the top of your feet. Mat burn can strike anytime anyplace, you may not realize it at the time but wait until you hop in the shower…it will remind you and you will find it. A rashguard “Compression Shirt” doesn’t protect everything, just the areas that it is covering at the time. Rashguards “Compression Shirt” give you that extra layer between your skin and the mats, being swept across the mat underneath pressure like a mop can cause a lot of friction which can peel off a few layers of skin if not covered. For more on Burns and Friction Burns Click Here.


What else is a Rashguard “Compression Shirt” used for??

Rashguards “Compression Shirt” are our last line of defense against cuts and scraps, mat burn “which we just went over” but most importantly the germs that come from used or unwashed Gi’s “Kimonos,” Rashguards, Spats and everything else that hits that mat. Most people have a general idea of what I mean here, the spreading of bacteria and skin fungi, “Ringworm is no fun at all, and it can be spread around if you’re not careful.” We use Rashguards “Compression Shirt” to help fight against these odds; I don’t know where another person has been or what their hygiene is like throughout their day.  Although it’s never a guarantee that you will not get mat burn, cuts, scrapes or contract a skin issue by wearing Rashguard “Compression Shirt”, the extra layer is an excellent start, and it can’t hurt.

What are Rashguards “Compression Shirt” made of??

  • Nylon is a thermoplastic silky material that can be melt-processed into fibers, films or shapes.
  • Polyester a synthetic resin in which the polymer units are linked by ester groups, used chiefly to make synthetic textile fibers.
  • SpandexLycra, or Elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than natural rubber.

Rashguards “Compression Shirt” are usually made of the following materials but not limited to; Nylon and Lycra or Spandex and sometimes Elastane and Polyester. Rashguards “Compression Shirt” are often combined with more than one of these elements for strength and flexibility. Rashguards “Compression Shirt” are designed to fit firmly against the body without feeling too constricted, while at the same time allowing the rashguard to stretch and twist across the body allowing for a full range of motion.

Rashguards “Compression Shirt” usually come in short sleeves or long sleeves, and I have seen some tank tops before. It’s up to you on which one you choose and if it’s that hard to figure out try purchasing one of each of the cheaper ones, or you can ask someone more a loner.

My Experience with a T-Shirt vs. Rashguard “Compression Shirt”

I have worn a T-shirt for No-Gi and after that first good roll with it on it soon became my designated No-Gi shirt, due to being stretched out at the neck, and the left sleeve was now longer than the other. After a while, I ended up purchasing a rashguard “Compression Shirt” due to my t-shirt being stretch and torn from all the abuse I put it through.

The difference was like night and day; I was able to slip across the mats with ease in comparison to a T-Shirt. I wasn’t getting caught up as much, and I was able to move around without being restricted by my shirt. I also noticed that I was cooling off while I was rolling around on the mats.

After getting home and washing the rashguard “Compression Shirt” I inspected it to see if anything was ripped or stretch out, amazingly it was okay that rashguard held up for about a year and a half before I retired it. If you are using a T-Shirt that is soaking up all your sweat and getting hotter and heavier by the minute, I suggest you look into purchasing a Rashguard “Compression Shirt”.

Feel Free To Comment Below if we missed anything or if you have any question’s


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