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T-Shirt Vs. Rashguard

I have worn a T-shirt for No-Gi and after that first good roll with it on it soon became my designated No-Gi shirt, due to being stretched out at the neck, and the left sleeve was now longer than the other. After a while, I ended up purchasing a rashguard “Compression Shirt” due to my t-shirt being stretch and torn from all the abuse I put it through.

The difference was like night and day; I was able to slip across the mats with ease in comparison to a T-Shirt. I wasn’t getting caught up as much, and I was able to move around without being restricted by my shirt. I also noticed that I was cooling off while I was rolling around on the mats.

After getting home and washing the rashguard “Compression Shirt” I inspected it to see if anything was ripped or stretch out, amazingly it was okay that rashguard held up for about a year and a half before I retired it. If you are using a T-Shirt that is soaking up all your sweat and getting hotter and heavier by the minute, I suggest you look into purchasing a Rashguard “Compression Shirt”.

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